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I am a filmmaker and editor who is well experienced and skilled in video producing, directing and editing.  I have gained a lot of experience during my production of content for established production companies such as Fully Focussed Productions & Multimillion Youth Media. My experience was furthered through virtual dance company, Devika Rao production, and the largest student television society in the UK, Leeds Student Television. I produced countless pieces of videos and events for those companies in which I had to multitask and communicate effectively with large teams; I am comfortable working in large groups under pressure and can dedicate large unwavering amounts of time to any project whether large or small.

Understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Photoshop & Avid software.
Sound Editing software: Logic Pro X, Garage Band. 
Handling of DSLR 4k CannonsAdept at utilisation of sound equipment e.g Boom Mics, Lavaliers etc.
Adept at in-studio sound editing.
Directing and leading big teams for production units.
Adept at MS Office, MS Word, Ms Excel.
Adept with Final Draft Pro, Celtx & Screenwriting.
Managing/Organising teams and resources.

Below are some video examples of my work!

A Quiet Night in

An award winning, short horror film that I directed, produced and edited.

This displays my skills in leadership, resource management and utilisation of Adobe Premier Pro.


First date

A romantic comedy, in which I directed. and edited.

I am experienced in working with a 4k Canon DSLR, and delivering a great product. This film was nominated for a NASTA film award.


Lstv promotionAL AD

A marketing and brand video displaying the organisation LSTV. Introducing audiences to the organisation.

Displays my ability to create branded and promotional content.


broadcasting PROMO

A longer assortment of LSTV content during my time in video production and editing for the organisation.

Here is an example of my ability to utilise premiere pro and software to create long form adverts.


To view my full list of works I've produced, written, directed and edited, please click the link to the right. ->

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